Health benefits of aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine practice that utilizes fragrant essential oils derived from specific healing plants. When these volatile oils are inhaled or applied to the skin, they have been known to help individuals overcome some health problems without the need for other medications. Aromatherapy is performed in several methods including diffusion of combined essential oils into the air, inhaling oils directly from a bottle or off a piece of cloth through the nostrils, receiving a massage therapy, soaking in an oil infused bath and rubbing the oils directly on the skin. Health benefits of aromatherapy have been proven to improve short-term health problems as well as other severe disorders. The following are some of the health benefits of aromatherapy:

Relieving stress

The most popular and widespread use of aromatherapy treatment is asfcfgfgcfgcfgvhg a stress reliever. Different essential oils are combined to produce aromatic compounds that are used to eliminate anxiety and promote relaxation. The mixtures are very simple to make, and this is one of the reasons why aromatherapy is performed mostly at home. The essential oils most commonly used to relieve stress include lavender, lemon oil, peppermint, bergamot, vertiver and ylang oils. Some studies show that lemon oil also improves mood and helps to regulate anger outbursts.

Antidepressant capacity

Apart from relieving stress, aromatherapy is also known to eliminate depression, and because of the very many side effects that are associated with pharmaceutical antidepressants, aromatherapy is the next and most preferred alternative. However, aromatherapy is only a complimentary treatment. Therefore patients should seek psychological help and counseling if signs of depression continue or get worse.

Improving memory

One of the most common problems that affect older people is memory loss and inability to maintain short term memories. As much as Alzheimer’s disease is considered to be incurable, there are treatment methods that can be implemented to slow down the progression of this condition. Aromatherapy is one of the alternative treatment methods that are turned to manage dementia and Alzheimer’s condition. Some researches have been conducted to prove the efficacy of aromatherapy treatment in boosting the memory capacity of patients for a given period of time.

Boosting energy levels

Energy stimulants such as energy pills, cigarettes, coffee and other illegal substances can pose severe health risks to the body. Although the energy levels of an individual are determined by their diet and exercise routine, there is also an option of aromatherapy treatment to put a bit more prep in a person’s daily routine. The essential oils used in this treatment method have been proven to boost blood circulation, stimulate the mind and body and raise the levels of energy, without posing any health risk.

Recovery and Healing

hgvghbhjjknklMost essential oils act as stimulants in that they help increase the healing process of the body. This is because they improve the flow of blood and oxygen to the wounded areas as well as internally heal other parts of the body, especially areas that need to recover from surgeries and other illnesses. Certain essential oils contain anti-microbial properties that keep the body protected during this kind of healing stages.